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Home cooking in a factory environment - JBT FoodTech introduces Multi-phase Cooking

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JBT FoodTech has introduced 'multi-phase cooking' to its range of solutions, with the aim of authentically emulating the different processes involved in cooking at home, but in a factory environment.

Aimed primarily at ready meal or finished product manufacturers, 'multi-phase cooking' can integrate any combination of processes and in any order, to produce exactly the required taste, texture and appearance of finished product. That includes any combination of coating and frying, cooking and roasting, steaming, infra-red cooking, searing and grill marking, proofing, baking, chilling and freezing.

Nigel Brunyee, JBT FoodTech's systems manager, commented:

"The competition to create ever more authentic ready meals is increasing. If you cook at home or go to a restaurant, the food is prepared using a number of different processes to produce the finished result. For example, chicken or meat might be marinated then seared, before being cooked or roasted to provide a particular flavour or appearance.

We can now provide all these processes and more in a factory setting, by providing different phases to produce certain finished products. Multi-phase cooking can be as flexible as required, and is as close as possible to what a chef or home cook could achieve."

Traditionally, says Brunyee, processors would consider cost and footprint as the key factors when introducing new product lines. Now they should equally consider exactly how they want a product to look and taste to maintain their competitive edge.

"Multi-phasing can be adapted to achieve different results. If you wish to produce grill-marked hamburgers, you could first sear, then cook and then grill mark the product in a Double D Continuous Oven. Equally, if you were to move the grill marking to the front of the process you would end up with a completely different flavour. You can make or break a product by not cooking it in the correct way."