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Food Technology Centre

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The JBT Food Technology Centre (FTC) forms part of the company’s 40,000 sq ft factory premises in Broxburn, just outside Edinburgh.

Here, you can test the full range of Double D products using your own recipes and specifications, under expert supervision from a trained technical team.

Products available for testing at the Broxburn FTC are:


For meat, poultry, fish and vegetable cooking and processing: 

  • Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven
  • Double D Revorack Multi-Purpose Cooker
  • Double D Revair Steam Cooker and Wood Chip Smoke Generator

(The Double D Classic Oven is available for testing at the Helsingborg FTC.)


For meat, poultry, fish and vegetable searing and grill-marking: 

  • Double D Revoband Searer/Grill-Marker
  • Double D Infra-Red System
  • Stein Pro-Grill (belt grill) Contact Cooker


For baking:

  • Double D Revoband Continuous Baking Oven
  • Double D Revorack Bakery Oven


For freezing, chilling and cooling:

  •  Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® Spiral Freezer
  • Frigoscandia ADVANTEC™ Impingement Freezer
    (Both are available as ’lab’ freezers for testing on your site at no charge.)


For more details or to arrange a visit, contact Ian Wallace on or


JBT FoodTech has other FTCs in Helsingborg, Sweden, and Ohio, USA,

where other product lines including Stein, Frigoscandia and DSI can be tested.