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Double D Smoke Generator

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Double D Smoke Generator Oven UK

The Double D Wood Chip Smoke Generator, or Friction Smoker, can be combined with both the Double D Revorack Multi-purpose Cooker and the Revair Steam Cooker to provide unlimited options for introducing new tastes and textures to everything from meat and poultry, to fish and vegetables.

Special features and benefits include:

  • Versatile enough to smoke a wide range of products including salmon, mussels, ham, poultry, vegetables, spare ribs, chicken products and pizza bases
  • Especially effective on vegetables which readily absorb smoke, such as peppers, courgettes and aubergines
  • ‘Warm’ smoking process uses smouldering wood chips
  • Fully controllable holding up to 100 different programmes
  • A sophisticated air distribution system for excellent overall coverage
  • Manual and automatic fire suppression system
  • Access doors for easy cleaning

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