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Double D Revoband Searer/Grill Marker

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Revair Char Griller Cooker Double D Ovens UK

The Double D Revoband Searer/Grill Marker is designed to enhance a wide range of finished products, both in taste and appearance. Designed to be stand-alone or to integrate with the Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven, the units can be custom-built and offer food processors a whole host of new options.

The Searer incorporates a controlled flame which can be used to sear a variety of products including cooked meats, poultry and vegetables.

Special features and benefits:

  • Up to six burners which can be positioned according to requirements
  • Direct flame gas-fired
  • A hard-wearing stainless steel conveyor belt which can be sized to meet exact needs
  • A fire suppression system which uses steam from your factory boiler
  • The ability to adjust bar markers to different product depths to consistently bar mark unevenly profiled products
  • The ability to bar mark on both sides

The Grill Marker produces a branded effect which further enhances the finished cooked product.

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