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Double D Revoband Continuous Baking Oven

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Revoband Travelling Continuous Baking Oven Double D Ovens UK

A beautifully balanced bake...

The high impingement airflow on the Double D Revoband Continuous Baking Oven achieves the most even and consistent bake on pies, savouries, sausage rolls and speciality breads.  And the new 3G Airflow System gives even better control over both top and bottom heat for a perfect finish on quiche, cheesecake and pizzas -- with no increase in fuel consumption.

Our high temperature version can bake a 10-inch pizza in 1 - 2 minutes at 750 degrees F.

But don't take our word for it.  Here's what Mark Jones from Bakkavor says about the oven...


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  • Panini Bar Marker allows for flexible directional bar marking across panini breads. More Info

Special features and benefits:

  • Complete control over both top and bottom heat which gives an even consistency and quality of product
  • A travelling band which can be custom-built to any required width
  • Indirect, gas or oil-fired
  • Fan speed control and multi-zone control giving greater flexibility
  • The option of being incorporated into a fully automatic baking and cooling operation
  • Perfect for high volume baking

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