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November 2011: JBT FoodTech forms dedicated portioning, coating, cooking and frying sales team in Europe

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JBT FoodTech has restructured its European sales force to form a new sales team, specifically dedicated to developing business for its range of portioning, coating, cooking and frying systems.


The new Portioning, Coating, Cooking and Frying sales team will focus on marketing JBT FoodTech’s range of further processing products which includes the Stein range of ovens, breaders, fryers and coating equipment, the Double D high impingement multi-purpose cookers, ovens and searer/grill markers, and the DSI slicing and portioning systems, all of which can be integrated to form multi-phase in-line processing solutions.


JBT FoodTech’s sales team in the UK will continue to be led by Barry Jackson.

UK agents, Richard Burke and Byron Davies from BFS Europe, will continue to be responsible for the sales of the Double D range of custom-built ovens and searer/grill markers to the UK protein industry.

JBT FoodTech’s leading brand, the Frigoscandia range of spiral freezers, chillers and proofers, will continue to be managed by members of its existing sales force in Europe.


Heading the new European team as sales director will be Bob Petrie, who is also managing director of JBT FoodTech’s UK headquarters near Edinburgh.  Petrie commented:


“As the JBT FoodTech portfolio of products expands we are becoming more aware of the need to provide fully integrated solutions by adding further processing products to the already highly successful line of Frigoscandia spiral freezers, chillers and proofers.


“The opportunities in this area are so diverse and wide-ranging that we made the decision to form a dedicated sales force to concentrate 100% on developing this side of the business, where each region can focus on its particular further processing requirements and applications.  The team will work closely with the current sales teams which will continue to focus on developing business for the Frigoscandia range.”


The new sales team consists of Nigel Brunyee, systems manager; Ian Wallace, Double D international sales support and marketing manager; John Kelso, Double D product line manager; Ian Burns, food processing development engineer; Branimir Pancer, area sales manager, Central Eastern Europe; Manuel Diaz, area sales manager, Spain and Italy; Kenneth Malmqvist, area sales manager, Nordic and Baltic; Andre Hammouya, regional systems manager, France, Middle East, Iberia and Italy; and Marcelo Scharlack, regional systems manager, UK, Russia and Central Eastern Europe.  European sales for DSI equipment will be handled by Peter Glensmark.


JBT FoodTech recently re-located its UK headquarters to the former Double D Food Engineering factory at Broxburn in the UK, a 4,000 square metre site near Edinburgh which houses its combined UK manufacturing, sales and servicing operations.  JBT FoodTech also has Food Technology Centres in Helsingborg in Sweden and Sandusky in Ohio, where customers come to test equipment at first hand with a trained technical team.