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Double D Develops Customised Browning Unit

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Browning OvenDouble D has developed a customised Browning Unit designed to produce authentic high colour generation simultaneously on all sides on the product being treated, and without the need for artificial coatings or additives.

Part of the Double D range of Continuous Protein Ovens, the unit consists of a tunnel which delivers controlled hot air to all sides of the product. It is particularly effective on cooked ham logs or bombs, turkey saddles and delicatessen products.

"The unit can be full adjusted to colour all sides of a product," says Ian Burns, Double D's food processing development engineer. "For example, on, say a 4 x 4 log we can evenly colour all four surfaces. Equally, large oval hams can be browned all the way round.

"Consumers and supermarkets are now demanding 100% natural products from manufacturers wherever possible. The Browning Unit gives manufacturers the option of generating exactly the required colour and finish, without having to add external products or additives which are often found in product coatings."

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Use Your Loaf

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Double D Revoband Continuous OvenDouble D challenges you to Use Your Loaf…

We believe that our Revoband Continuous Oven is one of our most successful ever products.

In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be impressed with its capabilities that we’d like to invite you to visit our Tech Centre near Edinburgh to try it out for yourself, using your own products and recipes. You’ll also have expert supervision and advice from our trained technical team.

  • Find out how our specially designed air flow system achieves the most even bake and consistency of colour you’ve ever seen.
  • Experiment with the user-friendly control panel, supported by our experienced technical team, until you achieve exactly the results you’re looking for.
  • Judge for yourself how the continuous oven has been specially designed for baking high volumes of product, but can be built to suit relatively small footprints. In fact, the oven can be fully custom-built to suit your exact requirements.

Then, if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll refund your travelling expenses in full.*

So ‘Use Your Loaf’ and get in touch now to make an appointment.
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

JBT FoodTech Tech Centre is located within its factory near Edinburgh. Access by road, rail and air is easy: it’s just off the M8 at Junction 3, 12 miles from Edinburgh City Centre and only five miles from Edinburgh Airport.

* Terms and conditions apply

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