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Double D Develops Limbo Mode

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Limbo Mode OvenDouble D has developed an energy-saving 'limbo' mode for its Continuous Protein Oven, designed to cut energy costs by switching off cooking zones when not in use. Each zone (up to four) can be controlled independently depending on the product being cooked.

Sensors at the front of the cooker can tell the burners in each zone when they are not required and the burners automatically switch off, or reduce in temperature as required.

"During the course of, say, an 18-hour day, there may be several hours of unplanned down time - insufficient product, make up lines down and so on," explains John Kelso, Double D's technical sales manager. "By using the limbo mode, the burners are switched off during the four hours of down time, saving the equivalent amount of kilowatt energy.

"It's difficult to quantify cost savings as it depends on how many different products and zones are operating, and for how long. However, energy cost savings are guaranteed if gaps in production appear, as the cooker responds to a lack of product by closing down the burners, automatically reducing gas usage."

The technology for the limbo mode was designed and developed in-house by Double D as a cost-cutting measure aimed at reducing overheads, particularly as energy costs continue to rise. It can be retro-fitted to cookers which are already installed, or fitted as an option on new orders, and is also available as an option on the Continuous Baking Oven.