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JBT FoodTech enhances options for cooking bacon

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JBT FoodTech has incorporated a 'lift' mechanism into its custom-built 'hold-down' belt so that producers can cook either flat or wavy bacon to a consistently high standard.

The 'hold-down' belt was introduced in 2008 as an optional feature on the company's Double D Continuous Protein Oven, following demands from the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) sector for ultra-flat bacon for burgers and sandwiches. The stainless steel hold-down belt is placed onto the bacon as it enters the cooking tunnel, and ensures that the rashers remain very flat during and after cooking.

The new 'lift' mechanism now enables producers to process both ultra-flat and normal home-style 'wavy' or pan-fried bacon by simply selecting a recipe change which raises the hold-down belt, so that the bacon reverts to its natural shape during the cooking process.

"Bacon naturally curls and contracts when cooked," says Barry Jackson, JBT FoodTech's regional sales manager for the UK. "But for producers who want both ultra-flat and traditional home-style bacon, we can build in the lift mechanism making it easy to switch between the two applications. The result is two totally differrent cooking methods with the same oven."

The high impingement Double D Continuous Protein Oven has the ability to cook at temperatures up to 280 degrees centigrade and is designed to process high volumes. A unique air flow system ensures that the product is always consistently coloured, eliminating differences across the width on other bacon cooking methods.