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Industrial Bar Marker for Panini Breads Launched by JBT FoodTech

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JBT FoodTech has developed an industrial bar marker, under its Double D brand, for the retail and foodservice sectors, designed to mark bulk quantities of Panini bread in any required configuration. 

The Panini Bar Marker, which was developed in response to demand from Double D customers, is able to produce bar marks on the breads in whatever manner customers require. Double D has designed three specific executions to enable bar marks to be imparted straight across the breads or at an angle. The machine has also been designed to work with continuous ovens and to accept the breads for bar marking no matter how they come off the oven.

Ian Burns, JBT's food processing development engineer, explains.

"On a continuous oven, the product is normally positioned horizontally across the band and the Panini Bar Marker would mark the breads at 45 degrees. However, if this is not required, we can adjust so that the bar marking can appear in any way across the bread."

The technology is based on Double D's Searer/Grill Marker which was built for the meat and poultry industry, where a bar marking unit produces an authentic branded effect across meat, burger and poultry products.

The stand alone Panini Bar Marker is now available for trials at the JBT FoodTech Tech Centre.    

The JBT FoodTech Tech Centre is located within its factory near Edinburgh. Access by road, rail and air is easy: it’s just off the M8 at Junction 3, 12 miles from Edinburgh City Centre and only five miles from Edinburgh Airport.