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Double D Retarder Prover

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Humidair Prover Retarder Double D Ovens UK

The Double D Humidair Prover and Retarder Prover range puts the baker firmly in control of both his time and the process, in some cases eliminating the need for a night shift completely.

You can have unrivalled control over all functions of the retard, recovery and prove cycles, so that tomorrow’s fermented goods can be prepared today and held safely over night, or longer if required.

Special features and benefits:

  • Automatic and accurate control on the retard, recovery and prove cycles providing perfect dough pieces every time
  • High capacity and condensers and evaporators and an effective air distribution system enable the cabinet to reach retard temperature quickly
  • The Climacs Microprocessor controller gives accuracy over every stage of the process enhancing the quality of fermented goods
  • A longer time limit for the baker who wants a holding facility
  • The Humidair Freeze Retarder Prover with its longer holding facility is perfect for retarding larger products, like 800 gramme bread

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